Monday, October 21, 2019

breathless essays

breathless essays Wild Strawberrys has a special technique that is used in it and this thchnique is the use of a dream sequence. In these dream sequences Isak walks through a desolate city, and is approached by a faceless man, he sees a clock without hands, and watches a funeral wagon crash and leave a coffin in the middle of the street. As he nears the coffin, it opens, and the corpse , being Isak once again, emerges and attempts to pull him into the afterlife. The visual and audio symbolism is disturbing, and the entire scene is perfectly incorporated into the 'reality' of the rest of the film. One level of the plot is the dreams representing a journey that takes Isak back home to his past summers In the first dream, there is a representation of hearts as clocks beating and stopping.there is a coffin image as powerful as the shower scene in "Psycho," the dream announces the end-of-life in which Isak finds himself. ...

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